Heavenly Comfort is not just an adult foster care – it is their home. We will provide the best home life experience. Our target audience are individuals not just looking for professional care and a place to live, but also looking for a FAMILY.

Meet Our Driving Force

      Our Administrator/Licensee, Sheana Waldburg, is currently a police officer with the City of Detroit and have daily contact with individuals with mental disabilities and residing in adult foster care facilities. She decided to join our mission because of some of the mistreatment she have observed and reported. Her personal mission is to educate the law enforcement, general population, and staff on proper treatment and care for our developmentally disabled and mentally ill community. When encountering citizens and other law enforcement officers, she found that they did not even know the proper terms for addressing this community. She found that a lot of the population called consumers degrading words and ignored signs of an onset of an episode. She believes that to change the social stigma, they must be educated. As an officer, Mrs. Waldburg has continued her education by taking classes offered by the Police Department. Some of her training includes a 32-hour symposium on Mental Health offered by DWMHA. This class offered tips on how to identify mental illnesses and how to help persons in crisis. She has also taken classes on how to solve conflicts, team building exercises, emergency evaluations, and rendering aid to injured persons.

      Our Board Member, Cecilia Cobb, has over 15 years of experience providing care and services to the mentally disabled community. She is currently managing both our of home. She has many responsibilities and roles within the home. She handles staff scheduling, payroll, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, transporting consumers, medication administration, and many more tasks. She decided to be a part of this home because she agrees with our vision to “set ourselves a part of what seems to have become the norm”. Her personal mission is to run a successful home with dignity, respect, and by the books.

      We feel that these two individuals will have a great impact on our residents and society. Mrs. Cobb brings the experience necessary to handle the day-to-day operation of the home, while Mrs. Waldburg brings the skills necessary to defuse crises, the ability to work under extreme pressure, and access to a large population she can educate. Due to their training, personal experiences, and desire to help this community, we feel that their hard work and dedication will set Heavenly Comfort apart from the rest.


  • maintain the highest level of functioning for each resident based on their individual needs
  • to keep each consumer safe, comfortable, and as independent as possible, but also providing them with the necessary services for a better quality of life
  • to provide adequate training and mentoring to our staff to ensure excellent service to our consumers
  • educating the community about the mental health population; to relieve some of the social stigma

Keys to Success

We have identified 5 keys to success:

  • We offer a smaller home, which means we can offer more one on one time with our residents.
  • We will run our home and treat our residents as if our loved ones were residents.
  • We will implement continuous training and updating for our staff to ensure they are qualified and capable of caring for the residents.
  • We will strive to make our staff happy to reduce dissatisfaction and thus reduce turnover rates. We believe that this is beneficial because the residents can build a working relationship with the staff and have some comfort in familiar faces.
  • We also require each staff member to read and reference Licensing Rules for Adult Foster Care Small Group Homes issued by the Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing. We want each staff to have a clear and precise understanding of what is expected and accepted.

What Makes Heavenly Comfort Unique

  • At Heavenly Comfort, we see a different way of assisting our residents. We acknowledge that our home is their home. We encourage them to take pride in themselves and in their home. We have established a home that does not only meet their physical needs, but one that also nourishes their social needs and dignity.
  • Our first home was started by converting our own home to met the needs of the residents. We did with one mission in mind – make a home that we would feel comfortable placing our loved ones.
  • Here at Heavenly Comfort, we take time to get to know each residents likes and dislikes. We incorporate their likes and interests in monthly outing and activities. We do this by allowing them to help plan or choose their activities.
  • Upon intake the days to follow, we watch for signs or triggers and try to avoid or eliminate what may ‘trigger’ them to become unstable.
  • Love and passion for people, along with our many years of experience in training sets us apart from many home.
  • Daisy at the park standingWe have a Goldendoodle named “Daisy” that we allow the residents to spend time with. We found that Daisy offer therapy and love to some individuals.