At Heavenly Comfort AFC, we provide our residents with a variety of services. Our goal is for our residents to achieve and maintain mental stability.

Services Provided

  • Assessment/Evaluation – determining the level of care and creating a plan to meet those needs
  • Case Management – managing the behavior and finding services to meet the need of our consumers
  • Community Living Support – meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, bathing, shopping, household care, maintenance of property
  • Family Skills Development – reaching out to residents’ loved ones who are not involved; involving families in the lives of the consumers to maintain functionality and unity; offering outings and picnics for families of residents and staff
  • Medication Administration – administer medicine for consumers; monitor for changes in behavior and side effects; notifying healthcare professionals of any changes
  • Person Center Planning – assist consumers in executing their personal goals. (example: support systems, determining the proper care)
  • Personal Care Services – daily living; bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, housekeeping, medication management
  • Support Coordination – help each consumer access appropriate services based on their needs
  • Support Independent Living – teaching and encouraging consumers to learn how to do things for themselves with the hope of one day being able to transition to supported independent living